Aesthetic Major Restorations

Aesthetic Restorations,  whether  'Basic' or 'Major',   address issues of dental health in an aesthetic manner.   

Aesthetic Major Restorations are used to address a wide variety of  issues.   For example,  custom designed Inlays,  Onlays and Crowns are used to restore severely broken down teeth due to decay or trauma.  Onlays can also improve the shape/position of teeth to address TMJ or muscle pain, and headaches which are often caused by worn teeth and malocclusion  (bad bite).  After root canal treatment, Crowns effectively protect teeth from future tooth fracture.  Other Major Restorations such as Fixed Bridges,  Dental Implants, and  Full or Partial Removable Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. 

We partner  with our dental lab to design and create high quality restorations that are individually customized to restore teeth back to function,  health and beauty! 

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